Since the late 1960’s it has been required by law for all passengers in a vehicle to use a seatbelt. Although seatbelt laws have been implemented and monitored, some drivers still do not wear their seatbelt.


Ixonn DS Technology is able to identify if the driver is using their seatbelt or not, in the case that a driver is not wearing their seatbelt they are notified by an alert to ensure that all drivers adhere to safe driving practice.

An estimated 40 unbelted heavy vehicle drivers lose their lives in Australia every year

Seat belts would have prevented or reduced the injuries suffered by truck drivers in at least 60% of the crashes studied

If heavy vehicle seat belt wearing rates matched the rate achieved by car drivers, it would reduce unbelted truck driver deaths by approximately 50%

Truck drivers have a 50% better chance of surviving a potentially fatal crash if they are wearing a seat belt

A seat belt can reduce the likelihood of injuries by 60%