The issue of mobile phone use while driving excels in the transport industry as truck drivers  experienced an increased likelihood of crash due to phone use by 49% compared to regular vehicle drivers. Detection of mobile phone use proves to be a primary concern for all industries who are responsible for driver safety, therefore Ixonn DS technology has included the feature of mobile phone detection, preventing drivers from picking up their phones as they are aware Ixonn will alert their headquarters resulting in disciplinary action.

Mobile Phone Laws

Australian law makers have introduced new penalties for drivers caught using their cell phones. These offences can incur fines of up to $1,000 and lead to loss of up to 8 demerit points


Mobile Phone Use attributes to 25% of all road incidents

  • Mobile Phone Use
  • Other Factors


A person using a mobile phone is four times more likely to have a serious crash

  • 4 x Likelihood of crash


77% of people in a study reported using their mobile phone while driving

  • Mobile phone use


Phone use while driving can increase reaction time to hazards by 50%

  • Increased reaction time