Road Safety Statistics

19 Jan, 2021

The latest Australian road deaths data shows that there was a total of 90 fatalities on the roads during December 2020. This figure is 17.6% lower than the average for December over the previous five years.
The data also reveals that during 2020, there were 1,106 road deaths. It means a reduction of 6.7 per cent from the 12 months ending December 2019.
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Even though there was a considerable reduction in 2020’s statistics, we believe that we can achieve ZERO road fatalities over the years to come with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Fatigue/distraction has been considered a primary contributory factor in road crashes over the past years.
Ixonn Driving Solutions can manage fatigue and distraction on the road. Upon detecting any sign of drowsiness or distraction from the driver, our system issues a real-time alert in the cab of the vehicle, preventing any incidents to happen.

Talk to us today to protect your employees and your fleet. Together we can reduce fatalities on our roads.
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