Ixonn Driving Solutions

19 Jan, 2021

Heavy vehicles present a significant road safety issue because of the long distances they travel and because of their mass and rigidity if another vehicle collides with them.
They travel more than 4 billion kilometres per year in Australia and represent around 8% of the kilometres travelled in the country, being involved on average in 15% of fatal crashes.

Our technology plays an important role in avoiding road accidents. Ixonn DS is the Artificial Intelligence Driving Solution enabled system for detecting and managing fatigue and distraction in transportation operations and it can save lives.

Through advanced sensors and algorithms, the Ixonn technology monitors drivers’ operations in real-time, tracking their eyes, mouth, facial expressions and their actions, enabling identify early signs of fatigue as well as a distraction in operation. When these events are identified, the driver immediately receives an audible alert to alert him to prevent a possible accident.

Talk to us today and learn more about our driving solutions and how your business can benefit from it. Together we can save lives!


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