Health and Wellbeing on the Road

19 Jan, 2021

Stress and distraction can affect the way we drive in many ways. More than a thousand people died in road-related incidents in Australia during 2019, highlighting just how dangerous distracted driving can be and why it should always have your full attention.
As a business owner, you need to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees. Fleet operators must ensure their drivers are working in a healthy state of mind and conditions are in place to reduce stress and distraction. Some changes to the way you operate can transform how your drivers react in stressful situations and keep them healthy on the road.
Reduce their deadlines, pre-plan their routes, make their journey comfortable, provide educational training and most importantly: The use of artificial intelligence to monitor your drivers’ operations in real-time.
Our technology can track their eyes, mouth, facial expressions and their actions, enabling identify early signs of fatigue as well as a distraction or stress in operation.
Ixonn Driving Solutions can save lives while bringing more revenue when utilising your fleet more efficiently.

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