Artificial Intelligence Driving Solution

19 Jan, 2021

The World Health Organisation has identified mobile phone use as one of the main factors contributing to road trauma.

Using a mobile phone while driving may lead to slower reaction times, wandering out of the lane, less controlled braking and riskier decision making.

Besides, the growing functions of smartphones (e.g., ability to send and receive emails, access the internet, use maps) have increased the range of demanding activities that can be carried out while driving.

Ixonn DS is the Artificial Intelligence Driving Solution enabled system for detecting and managing fatigue and distraction in transportation operations. Our technology is proven in the main transportation segments for the prevention of accidents. The algorithms allow you to interpret the driver’s face and eyes, understand their condition and identify the first signs of distraction in the operation. Every distraction events identified by the system are sent in real-time to our control centre.


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