Ixonn Driving Solutions

Real Time Intervention

Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Driver Status Analysis

Driver fatigue and cell phone use are unsafe behaviors that most compromise driver safety on the road.

Ixonn Sensors

Mobile Phone Use Detection

Risk Reduction

Vehicle Driver Behaviour

Real Time Intervention

Machine Learning Improvements

Drowsiness Detection

24/7 Safeguard Centre

Future Features

Ixonn DS Technology uses facial recognition and monitors to identify the following:

Driver Fatigue


Road Look Deviation

Driver Change

Mobile Phone Usage

Seat Belt Usage

Cigarette Use

Camera Jam

3-Level Prevention

Intervention Technology and Accident Prevention

Real-Time Alerts

Upon detecting any sign of drowsiness and/or distraction from the driver, our system issues a real-time alert in the cab of the vehicle

Ixonn Central and Intervention Plan

Day and night protection from our central support system; Analysis and alerts in real-time and integration of a safety and fatigue prevention plan works to reduce frequency of future incidents

Operational Risk Management

Intelligence Analysis and continuous improvement of the security policy of the entire company fleet.

Ixonn Technology

  • Risk Identification

    Driver behaviour capture allows analysis and risk eveluation

  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Computer vision integrated into an AI and Human dual monitoring scheme

  • Tracking and Optimisation

    Vehicle recording allows direct access to investigation and evidence collection

  • Active Defend

    Real-time warning provides human intervention and SOS reporting

Driver Safety Monitoring

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